Vaporesso GT CCELL Coil – 0.5Ω

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Everyone’s Favourite For NIC-salts

GT meshed coil maximizes interaction with the cotton, providing turbo heating performance and increasing the heating area, making for dense and flavourful clouds.

  • Deep and Rich Cloud Taste
  • Wide Range Power Selection
  • GT Meshed Inside
  • SS316 25-35W
  • 3 Coils Per Pack
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3 in stock

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Everyone’s Favourite For NIC-salts

GT meshed coil maximizes interaction with the cotton, providing turbo heating performance and increasing the heating area, making for dense and flavourful clouds.

  • Deep and Rich Cloud Taste
  • Wide Range Power Selection
  • GT Meshed Inside
  • SS316 25-35W
  • 3 Coils Per Pack

- Made in the UK

- 10ml Bottle

- 0mg Nicotine

- 300mg CBD

- 70VG/30PG

Blue Slush
Deliciously sweet blue raspberry slushy.

Classic bubblegum candy.

Fruit Pastilles
Famous jelly sweets flavoured e-liquid.

Golden Apples
Juicy apple flavoured e-liquid.

Mixed berry menthol infused e-liquid.

Kola Kubez
Classic cola flavoured candies.

Lemon Tart
Delicious lemon pastry.

Mallow Custard
Smooth and creamy custard flavoured e-liquid.

Plain Menthol
menthol eucalyptus e-liquid.

Strawberry Dream
Juicy and sweet strawberry e-liquid.

Winter Berries
Mixed berry with delicious grape.

THC content<0.2%

Introducing's very own Nic Salt E-liquid. They wanted to give you the best possible flavour at the best possible price. The Nic Salt range is a 50VG/50PG blend which is perfect for pod systems and starter kits. Choose from 6 incredible flavours, expertly chosen by their team.

All You Need To Know:

  • Made in the UK
  • 50VG/50PG Ratio
  • 10mg Nicotine
  • 10ml Nic Salt
  • TPD Compliant
  • Childproof and Tamper evident cap


Blue Raspberry
A classic Bluerazz. Ripe blueberries blended carefully with fresh raspberries to create a mouth watering vape.

Blackcurrant Bena
Inspired by your favourite drink, this is the ultimate refreshing vape.

Only the ripest Mango's can be found in's classic blend.

Peach and Passionfruit
Refreshing, mouth watering - this peach and passionfruit blend is one of our favourites.

Your classic menthol hit, delicately blended.

Forest Fruits
A mix of all the berries. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries finished with strawberries and cherries.

Watermelon Ice
A ripe watermelon inhale, with an ice cool, disposable like finish.

If you're looking for a quick and simple vape fix full for fruity goodness, then the Smoketastic ST600 Bar Disposable Vape Device will surely offer delightful highs with 20mg of nicotine strength. Being so small and portable during it's use, the Smoketastic ST600 Bar is a fashionably designed, pocket sized device that you can easily take with you inside your coat or your bag to vape on the go during travelling, at work, during nights out or at home.

With up to 25 tantalising, fan favourite flavours to have vaping adventures with, each flavour of the Smoketastic ST600 Bar is pre-filled with a 2ml tank of nicotine salt e-liquid along with the aforementioned 20mg strength that will emulate the strong feeling found within tobacco cigarettes to go along with the immense strong flavour you'll choose to vape with. Each Smoketastic ST600 Bar will last up to approximately 600 puffs which along with the 550mAh in-built battery ensures a vaping experience that will last for quite a while. Because of it's more convenient, stress free design feature and the strong nicotine intake with each puff, the Smoketastic ST600 Bar is perfectly suited to ex-smokers.

As with all disposable devices, once the Smoketastic ST600 Bar is depleted, just throw it away as you won't need to recharge or refill it during or after use. A blue LED light will light up every time you puff and will stop when the device is depleted.


  • Size: 104 x 16mm
  • 20mg Nicotine Salt (2%) E-Liquid
  • Capacity: 2.0ml
  • Puffs: Up to 600 Puffs
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Blue LED Light
  • Sleek & Simple Closed System
  • Draw Activation
  • Ready to Use
  • No Refills & Charging
  • Portable & Lightweight Design

Box Contains:

  • 1 x Smoketastic ST600 Bar Disposable Vape Device


  • Peach Blueberry Candy
  • Grape Ice
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Sour Apple
  • Pineapple Peach Mango Ice
  • Energy Drink
  • Black Current
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry Watermelon Gum
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Ice Pineapple
  • Mango Ice
  • Mango Peach Watermelon
  • Black Current Lemonade
  • Cherry Cola
  • Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Apple Mango
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Straw Energy
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • Kiwi Pomegranate
  • Mr Blue
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
    Enjoy a nicotine free vaping experience with these Kingston Zero Disposable Vape Devices bringing UK made flavours into the popular past time of vaping. Each are quite simple to use and handle with their compact size and lightweight design allowing for you to take it whatever you go inside your pocket or handbag.

    All Kingston Zero disposable vapes are nicotine free which allows you to relish each of the 20 potent, luscious flavours to select from. Each will last up to 3500 puffs with 10ml of pre-filled 0mg nicotine salt e-liquid that allows for much longer lasting vaping experience that just allows you to focus on the flavours for overall more immersive and convenient vaping.

    Once depleted, you just simply dispose of the Kingston Zero device as you won't need to re-fill or recharge it.

    • Made in The UK
    • Zero Nicotine Salt E-Liquid
    • Capacity: 10ml
    • Puffs: Up to 3500 Puffs
    • UK Made Flavours
    • Instant Draw Activation
    • No Refills & Charging
    • Portable & Lightweight Design
    • Strawberry Watermelon
    • Red NRG
    • Blueberry Cherry
    • Watermelon Ice
    • Tutti Fruitti
    • Double Apple
    • Grapeberry
    • Fruit Punch
    • Blackcurrant Raspberry
    • Blue Sour Raspberry
    • Blue Raspberry Lemonade
    • Mixed Berry Menthol
    • Cola Ice
    • Sweet Kandy
    • Bubblegum
    • Vinberry
    • Iron Bruce
    • Minty Menthol
    • Red A
    • Green NRG
    With 3mg nicotine, Ultimate Juice 10ml E-liquids are available in a massive 44 flavour rich range with 70VG/30PG for vapers everywhere.

    From such a vast collection, you will be able to choose your ideal flavour that are more richer and will produce great cloud production as you vape. These Ultimate Juice 3mg E-liquids are best suited for Sub-Ohm devices and DTL (Direct to Lung) vaping styles.

    Flavours as diverse and tantalising such as H-Berg, Blackjack, Cherry Choons, Sky Purple among others bring unique vaping experiences that will linger long in both your buds and memory.

    - Made in the UK

    - 3mg Nicotine Strength

    - 10ml Bottle

    - 70VG/30PG

    - Ideal for DTL Vaping

    - Childproof and Tamper evident cap

    - Recyclable Bottle and Box

    - TPD compliant

    A juicy red apple that recaptures such a rich, lovely feeling almost Eden like.

    Apple Pie
    Tastes just like your mother's own with cinnamon sprinkles like it's oven fresh.

    Tasting as fresh and as ripe as the real thing, you'll enjoy this classic, juicy flavour.

    Brilliantly recaptures both that taste and nostalgic childhood memory of that classic corner shop sweet.

    Black Lemonade
    Blending both lemonade and blackcurrant for a lovely combination equal parts tangy and sweet for a summer vape.

    Blue Slushie
    As delightful as the real thing, this raspberry flavoured slushie is the ideal mouth-watering vape for long, summer days.

    Exploding in your mouth, enjoy the blast of these blueberries tasting every bit as fresh and delicious as the actual thing.

    As delightful and sweet tasting as the real thing that will linger but without the stickiness of the real thing.

    Caramel Custard
    If you love deserts, then this lovely mix of caramel and vanilla custard will more than satisfy due to this sweet, rich blending of flavours.

    As sharp and cheery as actual cherries, this will fire up the taste buds.

    Cherry Choons
    Reminiscent of the classic cough sweets, this brings a sweet cherry flavour backed with a cooling aftertaste.

    Cola Cubez
    Recapturing the taste of the retro candy from childhood memory without tooth decay.

    Deep Purple
    Menthol backed blackcurrant that will burst your senses and buds with intense abandon.

    Dragons Blood
    A fruity vape of summer berries and menthol that will get your buds scorching with delight.

    El Che
    Spark a revolution in your taste buds with this rich blended tobacco that contains traces of nuts, chocolate & vanilla.

    Foam Bananas
    Recapturing that distinctive retro pick'n'mix favourite that is sure to delight.

    Fruit Salad
    Tasting just like a nostalgic childhood favourite sweet, this will enrich your taste buds with giddy delight.

    Grape Soda
    Fizzing with a lingering after taste, this juicy grape soda is a assured fruity favourite.

    A pure, cool crystal menthol flavour that's also full of fruity fun.

    Lemon Pie
    Sweet and zesty citrus on a rich, buttery pastry that delightfully makes for a lemony pie flavour.

    Mango Soda
    An ice-cold mango flavoured soda that is a cool and tangy as the real thing plucked from an ice box.

    Refreshing to taste and feel, menthol is a cool, crisp and clean whilst packing quite an immense punch.

    Orange Soda
    Backed with an icy finish, this sweet orange soda is sure to become a new choice favourite.

    Over The Rainbow
    A confectionery inspired flavour that recaptures that distinctive lip smacking taste of those rainbow coloured sweets.

    Pear Drops
    Lovingly recreating the taste and feel of these classic sweet favourite now in vaping form and to reintroduce your taste buds with.

    Pink Lemonade
    Backed with grapefruit undertones, this raspberry lemonade is as refreshing as it delightful to taste.

    A fruity concoction that will explode in your taste buds.

    Raspberry Jam
    Ripe, fresh raspberries with sweet jam for a blend whose taste will definitely will savour.

    Red Ciggy
    Strong tobacco flavour that's full-bodied.

    Silver Ciggy
    Lighter tobacco flavour that's equal parts subtle and smooth to vape with.

    Sky Black
    Blackcurrant blended with anise and menthol for a mouth watering blending that will have your buds wanting more.

    Sky Blue
    Frosty, floral vape that blends huckleberry and menthol into an unforgettable sensation.

    Sky Purple
    Blackcurrants, berries, grapes, menthol and anise all blended into an opulent, potent blend.

    As fresh and juicy as the actual thing, this strawberry flavour will entice your taste buds all the same.

    Strawberry Custard
    Creamy vanilla custard with scrumptious strawberry for a divine taste as majestic as the real thing.

    Strawberry Jam
    Ripe, fresh strawberry fruits with sticky jam for a flavourful blend that will linger long in the memory and buds of whoever vapes it.

    Strawberry Shake
    Recapturing that sensation of that childhood favourite but in the form of a vape where it's sweet, creamy flavour tastes as great as you remember it.

    Summer Lovin'
    A blend of summer fruits that will make you feel warm and wonderful during the actual summer or not.

    Tiger Claws
    Blending together berries and fruits backed up with a menthol aftertaste as sharp as it is refreshing.

    Tropical Paradise
    Relax on a tropical island with this exotic blend of pineapple, mango, passion fruit, guava and a dash of strawberry.

    The classic ice lolly given the vaping treatment with lemon and lime blended for a nice tasting blend.

    Vanilla Custard
    Creamy custard and vanilla blended into one tantalising flavour backed with a smooth after-taste.

    Refreshing to taste, this juicy, sweet watermelon flavour will make for a delightful choice to vape with during summer.

    Blackcurrant and berries blended together for a blend that is equal parts explosive and mouth watering.
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